Flourgon explains why he’s suing Miley Cyrus for 300million

[Sharingbuttons]The case between Flourgon and Miley Cyrus starts today. The $300 million lawsuit was filed because of the song “We Run Tings, tings No Run Wi”. Parts of it were used by Miley Cyrus in her hit song “We Can’t Stop”. A lot of money has been made off the Miley Cyrus song in which the stolen lyrics was used and it is only fair that Flourgon should get his part of it. His lawyer believes Flourgon has been robbed by the Big American Company and under the law even though a single word is different the meaning is the same. Under the copyright law allows the rights of artistes to be protected. The huge sum being asked for is sending a message to the ones who have been stealing parts of Jamaican music from many different Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall artistes for a long time. Other persons get credit for their work, but Jamaicans get no credit over the years and the lawyers believe it is time for the stealing to stop.

It is good to see someone standing up for Jamaicans at last, it is not right for large corporations to steal from people who they think they don’t need to care about because these people are too poor to file lawsuits. It is alleged that the Thomas brothers who were co-writers of the Miley Cyrus song “We Can’t Stop” are from the Virgin Islands and they spoke about using parts of songs done by Caribbean artistes before. The lyrics that Flourgon had written before Miley Cyrus was born and it is only right for him to get the credit he deserves.

Flourgon is still living in Jamaica. However, he does not perform at many events here as the promoters won’t pay the correct amount for his performance. He likes to give his fans a high-quality performance and he doesn’t want to take less for his pay and give his fans less than what they are accustomed to, because of this he stays away from many events. He is also helping his son who is an upcoming artiste in the music business. Since his song “We run tings, tings no run we” has gotten all the exposure he has been earning more from downloads, dub plaits done by promoters and he has been performing more as well.

It is possible that there could be an out of court settlement of this case, but it is good that something is being done to protect Jamaican artistes at last and there might be many more similar lawsuits after this one is finalized.

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