Flourgon Flooded with Calls from People Since $300 M Settlement was Announced

Thursday, January 16, 2020, 4:23 PM GMT-5

The recent news that came out about Flourgon whose given name is Michael May, settling a Copyright infringement lawsuit with Miley Cyrus and Sony-owned RCA Records label for $300 million has caused the artiste to become a target for persons who are asking for huge sums of money.

His lawyers have recently tried to explain what really took place so that persons can give him a well needed break.

The lawyers are now saying, the artiste did not get all that money at the end, when the case was settled with prejudice, meaning it can never be reopened.

Flourgon himself, did what he did as he realised that some international artistes were sampling music that was produced by Jamaicans and they were not giving the credits and paying Jamaicans what they should get from the use of their material. He wanted this to stop happening.

However, there were only a few words that were borrowed by Cyrus “We run things, things don’t run we” while Flourgon sang, “wi run tings tings no run wi”. Even though there was copyright infringement, it is now being explained that he will not be getting the full $300 m and he would like to get a chance to relax and have a peaceful life.

The lawyer needs to be paid, they take the case because they know they will win and make money. The $300 m is a big figure that is just him aiming high, he will be getting a figure that is less than the figure that is mentioned.

During the hearing it was revealed that Cyrus’ hit, “We Can’t Stop” owes the basis of its chart-topping popularity to the lines from Flourgon’s song that she sampled, it’s success was owed to plaintiff Michael May, creative, unique and original content, even though he had released the song a quarter century before.”

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