Thursday, May 28, 2020, 10:16 PM

The president of the United States (Donald trump) has stated that federal law enforcement is on the case (Killing of George Floyd). He also made a promise that there will be justice.

On his tweet on Wednesday about the death of George Floyd, he said: “at my request, the FBI and Department of Justice are investigating the matter, and they are so sad about the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.


He added by saying that that he has asked for an investigation, and he appreciates the work of the local law enforcement. He finally said, “his heart goes to the family and friends of George”.  

The fact that the FBI is involved makes this cased interesting, and the fact that the DOJ is involved means a lot. It seems the president is aware of how sad and angry Americans are after seeing the video of George’s killing.

This is a more emphatic reaction from Trump than what he had recently when Amaud Arnery was shot to death. He said it is horrible, and he is patiently waiting for the results from several investigations.

It is always good when a case catches the attention of the most powerful person in the country. This is because he can do something about it from the top level. There is a need for more consistency, but we will take it.

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