Food Vendors are Ready to Deliver Good Food at Reggae Sumfest

July 7, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]Food vendors and a special Pizza truck are all geared up and ready to keep the patrons at Reggae Sumfest happy this year with good tasting food.

Pizza Truck Express has been supplying patrons of the Greatest Reggae Festival on earth since 2010. They supply many different toppings like pepperoni, jerk and barbecue chicken, shrimp, chicken and the meatless options for vegetarian.


They also offer great sandwiches such as chicken, beef and turkey.

George Lowe, the owner of the business is happy with the strength of the brand, and the support he has been getting from the Jamaicans and foreigners as well.

Many top entertainers have been booked to appear at this year’s Reggae Festivals and music lovers need to eat a lot, so Pizza Truck Express should do well.


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