Foota Hype Accuses Intence And His Brother “Wahs” Of Being Gay

Controversial social media personality and selector Foota Hype, recently went Live to address the recent saga about Wahs, brother of popular Dancehall artiste Intence whose name has been circulating in the media about knowingly dating a transgender woman.

Since this reveal, Foota Hype rushed to remind everyone on his social media that he has consistently warned the public for about two years that the “Dancehall sprat”, which is a name he used to make reference to Intence and his brother were both “shaky”.


He shared that Wahs knowingly dated the transgender woman and went on to caution viewers that it is just a matter of time before the “fishy” business of both brothers is made public.

“Any man yuh see ina music a bleach out dem self and a full up dem self a bay tattoo and a create bay antics fi buss, mi no trust dem,” stated Foota. He further added that “Any one a dem man deh u see wid dem pants deh way dung a dem knee and dem batty outta door and 20 man a walk behind dem, dem no straight either,” stated Foota Hype on his Instagram Live.

Intence 3

In recent times, news circulated that a transgender woman named Snow Doll allegedly used a fake profile with the name ‘Latanya’ and was dating Wahs for some time.

According to a voice note released by the transgender, she stated that she later revealed her true identity, however, that did not deter Wahs from entertaining and pursuing her regardless. She also shared that during their relationship, they would send intimate photos to each other and she sent him approximately $800 USD.

Wahs, however, has constantly denied his involvement and has even gone on his Instagram Live, crying as he openly declares that these are just rumours about him.

Check out video from Youtube vlogger Mouta Massi with Foota Hype below:

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