“Gay” Dog Fezco Adopted By Gay Couple

March 22, 2022

The story of a dog named Fezco that was presumed to be gay and abandoned at a shelter by its owners gained major attention from the media and touched the heart of many persons who placed an application to adopt the disowned canine.

Fortunately for Fezco, he was adopted today by a gay North Carolina couple named Steve Nichols and partner, John who expressed that they share a deep connection with the dog because of discrimination they themselves had experienced.


The couple disclosed to TMZ that the dog was not neutered and had heartworms which confirmed their worse fear that the dog was not properly cared for by its previous owners. However, they asserted that Fezco will be receiving the care it deserves from a veterinarian who they’ve already contracted to ensure its health improves.

Additionally, Steve and John felt that as a sign of rebirth for Fezco and also in an attempt to have the dog forget its past trauma, the couple changed its name to one considered more gay-friendly.

The dog will now be referred to as Oscar and they explained that this name was chosen to honour an Irish poet and playwright called Oscar White who was also gay.

But, things did not stop there for Oscar because the couple has also made sure that it has a male partner and will now be able to explore its sexuality freely without judgment. Oscar’s match is a male dog named Harry, who is a Terrier-Chihuahua mix.

A picture of Oscar’s male companion can be seen below:


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