Owners Abandoned Dog Because He Might Be Gay

A North Carolina Dog was cast out of his home and left at an animal shelter after the owners speculated that the canine was gay.

The dog named Fezco is still under the care of the shelter in Stanly County, but he might not be there for long since his sad story has been attracting a lot of positive feedback.

Fezco was thought to be gay by his owners after they discovered him humping another male dog. The owners reacted to this discovery by leaving the hound at the shelter.

Research has shown that in the doggie world humping didn’t only mean sex. Sometimes when male dogs hump other male dogs it is only to confidently show dominance in their social hierarchy.

However, even if Fezco was actually gay, everyone online all agreed that the owners reacted in an “absurd” and “thoughtless” manner.

Fezco’s story was posted on Facebook by the shelter and it assured prospective owners that he is a good dog and he is kind to both humans and his fellow canine friends.

5-year-old Fezco is expected to get a new home as WCCB TV reported that tons of applications from interested owners have been rushing in.

Meanwhile, the former owners might continue to receive backlash for not taking a kinder approach to the dog’s feelings.

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