Jamaican Street Dog Now Living Best Life In Canada

Once again the Jamdung persona has worked its way into the hearts of an adoring couple abroad.

Very curious, extremely smart and a food lover are just some of the adjectives used to describe Pauline. Pauline is one of the 144 mongrels that were sent to Canada last year to the ‘Save our Scruff’ organization.

This organization partnered with ‘Montego Bay Animal Haven’, a non-profit organization based in St James.

The collaboration saw 144 Mongrels being sent to Canada last March in an effort to re-home the pets. Pauline was placed in the foster home of Caitlynn and Alessandro as their sixth foster pup but they ended up adopting her because of her loving, curious and playful personality.

In a reports by Loop News, Caitlynn revealed that once the dog got over its initial fear and shyness that there was no stopping it, she also stated that Pauline was resocialized by taking her to the store, taking her out of her comfort zone, rewarding her with treats and making her feel safe.

The pup has changed the dynamics of our family by giving us a reason to want to go out on walks and has inspired many hikes.

The foster mom states that Jamaican pups are one of a kind, that she was very happy to have one and that she loved her Jamaican pup.

The owners expressed thanks to all those who helped in bringing Pauline to them because of the way that she changed their lives and that they would definitely adopt another pup from the island.

Pauline was seen in a video eating doggie treats and playing with her owner in the snow.

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