Foota Hype and I-Octane Happy Chronic Law Did Not Perform at Jaii Frais Party “The new dancehall hero”

The latest drama in dancehall surrounds Chronic Law, Jaii Frais and fans having a say as to what is accepted from what is not accepted in the culture regarding sexuality. While many dancehallers accept Jaii’s sexual kinks as he expressed in an interview, many others are totally against it.

Jaii Frais discussed his taboo sexual activity on Toxic Talk with well-known Jamaican adult film star Sashana Gapeteaser, who candidly shared her own experiences and encouraged him not to feel ashamed about his sexual preferences.

Two persons who have been campaigning against Frais’ kink are Foota Hype and I-Octane with Foota earlier declaring that he’s “waiting fi si wich artiste and wich selector” performs at Jaii’s party.

Notably, Jaii did announce at the party that Chronic Law would not perform because of the police saying the party was over.

On Sunday, after the no-show from Chronic Law, Foota Hype took to Instagram and wrote, “The new dancehall hero @1law_chroniclaw357 STR8NATION approve u badness stand for str8ness or fall for the toilet and str8ness wi pick big up the st thomas native mi soon go live.”

Fellow dancehaller I-Octane responded to Foota’s remarks by saying, “1 BBC LAW 🔥👏.”

One fan commented, “Uhm foota he was there however police said he couldn’t perform.. Just the same with his show in Westmoreland police lock it off…”

Another fan wrote, “Law boss 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 straight nation wins again 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

See some more reactions below:

Amidst the speculations as to why Chronic Law did not perform, Chronic Law who has not responded to the matter directly seemingly reacted indirectly via multiple IG stories.

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