Foota Hype and the Go Fund Me Page for a New Phone

Foota Hype the Selector noticed that the Instagram live feed on his cell phone has been sticking and thought it would be good for him to get a new phone. He provides a service for the 136,000 followers he has, and it is clear that they like having access to his live feed, so he thought it would be reasonable for him to set up a Go Fund Me page and ask for donations to buy a new phone which will cost US$ 1000.

The donations have started to add up even though he only requested US$1 from each follower. He had a total of US$300 after two days, as the followers are annoyed when the feed sticks. He plans to purchase the new phone as soon as he collects the US$1000.


This was also a test, to see how loyal his followers are and there has been some very loyal followers as one person donated US$50 already.

Even though there are some persons who are saying they don’t like his idea and they are comparing him with the Pastors who take money from poor people.

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