Foota Hype Bashes Koffee While Vybz Kartel Shows Her Love

July 27, 2020

Foota Hype is currently on the frontlines of controversy again as he now is taunting Koffee about a song she did a cover for.

In a video done some time ago the young reggae grammy artist while playing the guitar covered Fetty Wap song no days off which contains lyrics descriptive of intimate relations with a female.


Foota Hype took to his Instagram asking his fans if he should speak about the video or not as it does not sound right.

Already fans are defending the young reggae artist against the onslaught of Foota Hype as they genuinely love the young star’s music.

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Some of them even made it clear that Foota Hype is just targeting the young artist as there are many other female artists in Jamaica who have made it clear that they have a sexual preference for women but none of them are being bashed.

Foota Hype however is suggesting that this video might just be proof of Koffee’s sexual preference.

This Is not the first time that Foota Hype has made efforts to taunt the character of Koffee as in the past the sound system selector has made comments targeted against the way the artist dresses and behaves.

On a positive note, Vybz Kartel took to his Instagram giving his feedback on Koffee’s new track “Lockdown” which he says he is feeling.


Vybz Kartel is currently facing a life sentence therefore the new track by Koffee is very relatable to the artist.

Watch the controversial video below



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