Foota Hype Demands More Respect, Money, and Credit from Mavado “A Me Mek Mavado Rich” – Watch Interview

Friday, May 31, 2024, 10:33 AM GMT-5

As he and Dancehall artiste Mavado remain at odds, controversial selector Oneil Thomas, popularly known as Foota Hype, declared during an interview released on Thursday that he wants full credit as well as the benefits for his contribution to his career.

According to Foota Hype, he and Mavado grew up knowing each other from a young age. However, the past friends have been at odds for several years.


Since their falling out, Foota has maintained that he was the driving force behind Mavado’s successful rise in Dancehall and explained his contribution to the artiste’s career during an interview with Legend Celebrity Tv.

During the interview, Foota Hype said that when Mavado was dubbed too violent for the airways, he swore to help the deejay find success and continued to push his career.

The sound system selector also said that he opened doors for Mavado on the international scene before his big break. In addition to supplying New York DJ and Hot 97 host Bobby Konders with an Anger Management Riddim CD that featured his song.

Foota Hype also detailed that he basically did Mavado’s first Hot 97 interview as the artiste had not yet started to travel.

According to Foota Hype, a lack of recognition for his contribution to Mavado’s career is what caused the rift between him and the Real McKoy artiste. But the selector has expressed that he needs all the respect and money that he is owed.

“Mi open di door fi yuh [ … ] A me mek Mavado rich. Mi can seh dat widout apology. Not even him can deny that,” Foota Hype stated.

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He added that he needs “credit and earnings and money and every bl**dcl**t ting.” Foota further expressed that he put the most work into the artiste’s career, and Bounty Killer, who is popularly regarded as the person who discovered Mavado, may have contributed input, but he did the most.

Watch Foota Hype’s interview below.

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