Foota Hype Says Shenseea “Damage the Culture” and Has Been a “Complete Failure” Since Her Signing – Watch Video

Thursday, May 30, 2024, 7:04 AM

Foota Hype shared his two cents on the latest happenings in dancehall and highlighted his disappointment in Shenseea. He even stated that the ‘dancehall princess’ needs to apologize to Jamaicans and repent for a statement she made during a recent interview with Angela Yee.

“How stubborn yah go be? Yah wait till it all gone, yah wait until it go to zero? Come repent, come tell the people of Jamaica sorry fi yuh utterance pan Angela Yee show and start work back with your local producer dem,” said Foota.


Years ago, Angela Yee had posed the question to Shenseea during an interview where she shared a few of her bedroom confessions, “What is something that you haven’t done that you wanna do in the bedroom,” and she answered with anal sex.

Foota said that as a Jamaican, Shenseea should have never given that answer.

Notably, Foota thinks that Shenseea “Damage the culture and yuh disgrace the ancestors by saying that.”

Additionally, according to the entertainer, Shenseea was the only City Splash Jamaican artiste that flopped during her set at the show. He followed up by saying, “Me annuh yuh enemy. Link me man mi wi advise you ennuh. Me and yuh can reason ennuh…don’t make ego make yuh suffer.”

“You have been a complete failure from yuh sign…is not by accident an annuh nobody a fight you…a God a dweet,” he noted. He further advised Shenseea to “stop gwaan like yuh wrong and strong” and to face reality instead as that would be better for her career.

The video was shared by The Entertainment Feed(TEF) on YouTube, watch the video below:

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