Foota Hype Gets Disrespected At Alkaline’s Show – Video

November 15, 2021 11:27 AM

The name Foota Hype is once again a hot topic in the dancehall scene after he was continuously disrespected in Orlando, Florida recently by Vendetta fans. The fans were not pleased to see the outspoken selector on stage after he also disrespected their beloved artiste over the years.

Foota graced the stage and asked the fans who they came out to see and to his surprise, the fans were screaming “Alkaline” and not Foota, he asked the question more than once and that action by the Cassava Piece selector got the crowed more riled, with one man shouting, “lift up Pussyhole… lift up bombohole,” the ladies were also asking the popular selector to leave the stage.


Check out the happenings below.


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