Foota Hype Goes Off on Nigy Boy’s Manager, Says “Sprat a manage…Dat haffi change!” – Watch Video

Monday, January 8, 2024, 1:44 PM

The management of one of dancehall’s upcoming artiste Nigy Boy, creator of the trending single, “Continent” is at the center of a heated rant following media personality Foota Hype’s accusations of him being gay and manipulating the blind entertainer.

Taking his displeasure to the media, Foota Hype announced that he was ecstatic for the artiste’s breakthrough in the music, however, is furious after learning who he is being managed by. According to the controversial commentator, he was contacted by someone who wanted to collaborate with Nigy Boy, but was shocked after finding out that he is being managed by a known “batty man.”


“Youth, batty man cya manage yuh youth. Youth yuh mad?” Yuh haffi change dah manager deh. Fi yuh safety, him cya manage yuh.” He added, “how we fi put u in control of somebody weh cya be trusted. sprat a manage a blind youth.”

Foota Hype continued to question the manager’s, artiste management capabilities, whilst making it clear that he is not qualified for the position. “How him reach deh so fi seh him a manage, which part him ever manage nobody but yuh wah manage a blind youth?”

Directing further insults at the producer, Foota stated that he would likely take advantage of the entertainer given his disability. This he says will not be tolerated by the masses and that the money generated from dancehall will not go into the hands of a homosexual. He then appealed to Nigy Boy to get rid of the “fish” in his circle.

Nigy Boy

“Dat haffi fix, dat haffi change. Youth all if yuh blind yuh must can see seh dat deh smaddy deh a fish. Dem cannot manage you, manage wah? People weh can see no want him manage dem.”

Foota Hype also threatened that if the entertainer does not hire new management, then he will no longer endorse him and play nor post his songs. He, however, noted that he is not fighting against him, but against his manager.

“Dem boy deh a known sprat all over Jamaica, all over America yuh mad?” he directed to the artiste.

Again appealing to the entertainer, Foota argued that Nigy Boy’s manager can not be trusted and warned him to take heed of the comments he made, that is if he wanted to secure a name for himself in dancehall.

Nigy Boy is a 23-year-old Jamaican and upcoming entertainer. He is best known for his current trending song “Continent” which was released on the Dutty Money rhythm by internationally acclaimed producer, Rvssian. His song peaked at the #2 spot on the iTunes reggae chart and the official music video released on YouTube four days ago is #1 on trending with over 770K views.

Though no name was mentioned, allegedly reference is being made to Dr. Love of MccsRecord Label.

Watch Foota Hype’s Live video below:

Nigy Boy’s mother and Dr. Love respond to Foota Hype below:

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