Demarco Recalls Foota Hype Telling Him To Diss Mavado, “Big foot bwoy deh!… Long time him ungrateful!” – Watch Video

Tuesday, January 2, 2024, 6:51 AM

Dancehall artiste Demarco seemingly is not about to refrain from bashing selector Foota Hype(Big Foot Bwoy) any time soon. In his latest chat, he details the time when Foota Hype told him to diss Mavado because the Gully Gad was ignoring his many attempts to work with him.

According to Demarco, he was instrumental in many of Mavado’s big songs hence he was clueless as to why the Gully Side deejay did not want to work with him directly despite singing multiple songs he wrote and also voicing on many riddims that he has been apart of making or made himself for other producers.


Demarco cited these actions by Mavado as the reason he called out Mavado, however, he made note that he only dissed Mavado because while he was about to voice on one of Foota Hype’s riddim some years ago, the Cassava Piece selector influenced him to diss Mavado.

In the live chat, Demarco went on to detail how he got famous with “Fallen Soldier” and that initially he wanted to be behind the scenes musically, however, “Fallen Soldiers” brought him to the public and he ran with the momentum.

After briefly talking about his rise to fame, Demarco reiterated in the new live chat that he’s hurt when he sees Foota Hype trying to stall Fully Bad’s career, “its not gonna work!” outlined Demarco who has been defending Fully Bad online against Foota Hype in recent times.

Demarco also highlighted that Foota Hypen told him about his mother via text online and he has been taking the insult personally, “suck out yo madda too,” says Demarco while clapping back at Foota.

Before closing the live stream Demarco outlines that himself and Foota Hype will never return to being friends and blames the selector for being one of the reasons why there will not be unity in Dancehall.

Close to the end of the video, Demarco also paid homage to Vybz Kartel for doing several songs with him, “bigup Vybz kartel any weh yuh deh … about 4 or 5 song Vybz Kartel duh wid mi.”

Watch below:

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