Foota Hype Opens up about Plans He Had For Ishawna’s Career, As big as Rihanna

Sunday, June 7, 2020, 10:31 AM GMT-5

Foota Hype the dancehall selector says he doesn’t want to see his child’s mother to suffer as this will affect his son.

He wanted her to get as far as Rihanna because he believes in her talent, but she is not showing up her true talent as a singer, Foota believes she should sing more and deejay less.

Foota says artistes can’t afford to allow the masses to lead you as, and cause them to put out songs that are  giving artistes shock value, and these songs can’t make you money for a long time. They cannot be played everywhere.

Foota thinks Ishawna opened the gate with a very explosive song about oral sex and she did another similar song and it didn’t do well because the people wanted something different for a change.

He says some songs gets frenzy as there are a lot of antics that goes on around the song and that causes songs to be easily forgotten.

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There are songs that are frenzy songs and then there are hit songs and artistes need to know the difference between them and know how to use them when they are building their careers.

Demarco while talking to Foota stated that he believes there is not enough good managers in the music business in Jamaica to promote the artistes.

He believes Ishawna should be doing songs that will help her career to last longer.

The popular selector said it is important for artistes to know how to guide their careers so they can be in the business longer. So they can survive on music for the rest of their lives.

Artistes need to stop emulating the rappers but they are not learning how to make the money. The rappers have good representatives or agent to organize the business side of their career.   

The dancehall industry is being hurt because of the artistes who are not professional, they don’t do enough promotion on radio and then the events they do don’t get enough support.

Foota says he survived with nothing in the music, from the days when he had nothing until now the music feeds him. He knows a lot about the business and has a lot of knowledge to share.

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