Foota Hype Reminds Us How Much He Hates Michael Sharpe – Video

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 2:47 PM

“Unuh too figetful” Says Foota Hype in his most recent live chat whereby he outlined that he will not be sending any condolences for Michael Sharpe because he was one of the persons who tried to bring down dancehall, according to Foota Hype anybody who fights dancehall and entertainment, he does not like them “Mi nuh like unuh dead or alive… Mi nuh like Michael Sharpe” he states.

“Every soundman hates Michael Sharpe, every promoter hates Michael Sharpe” he repeated many times, before informing us that he locked off many dancehall parties in Jamaica including many that he was booked for hence stopping his “food”, “fi him mission was fi mash-up dancehall brethren and mek selector suffer” check out the full live chat below.


The veteran journalist passed away this morning after suffering from a heart condition for a while.

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