Foota Hype Says Ishawna Asked Him to Eat The Buff “She ask me fi eat har front”

Friday, May 31, 2024, 7:55 PM

Foota Hype spoke about his relationship with Ishawna during an interview on Legend Celebrity Tv where he outlined that the Equal Rights entertainer asked him to eat the buff during their relationship. The two dated for nine years, and even got engaged before they called it quits.

One of the interviewers asked Foota about his 17-year-old son, Oshawn Thomas (whose mother is Ishawna) and questioned if his son ever asked about his relationship with his mother. Foota said his son has never asked about it.


He also said that he told his son, “mi an him madda break up or whatever…mi tell him seh never eat craches. Never make a woman grouns yuh out, cah yuh madda couldn’t grouns me out so nuh make nuh gyal grouns yuh out.”

When he brought up Ishawna and oral sex, he was asked, “So she try grouns yuh out?,” to which he replied, “Yeah man she ask me fi eat har front and it couldn’t happen. Questions will be asked, a you fi submit or don’t submit.”

This got a chuckle from the interviewers and Foota continued, “Yuh cyah stop woman from ask yuh fi dem desire.”

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“So Foota, unnuh nuh talk from dem time deh,” he was asked and he said, “Of course we have spoken…mi nuh know if she have bad vibes and mi nuh care, or mi nuh wah good nor bad vibes wid har. She a live har life and me a live mine.”

Watch the video below:

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