Foota Hype “shame like dawg” After Aidonia and JaiiFrais Picture Surfaces

Popular dancehall selector Foota Hype can’t believe his eyes, after seeing a picture with his dancehall associate Aidonia and podcast host Jaiifrais, “all now mi cant believe this to pu$$yclaat,” he wrote before asking the question, “how di dj nuh run weh dah bwoy deh ..”

Notably, Foota Hype has been disassociating himself from persons who associate with Jaiifrias, after the Youtuber made the controversial comments.


On Saturday, Foota Hype took to Instagram and posted a statement via an image and for the caption, he wrote, “Shame a kill mi Jamaica gone to the toilet all now mi can’t believe this to pu$$yclaat how di dj nuh run weh dah bwoy deh.”

On the other hand, the statement reads, “Right now it official a dodo man a run Jamaica mi shame like dawg mi cant believe say so much gangster round di BADMAN dj and mek dodo man get near the dj and tek picture and how the dj do that mi confuse at this point.”

He concluded his statement by saying, “JAMAICA GONE.”

Despite the lengthy statement, Foota Hype did not call any name, which was something persons called him out for in the comments area of his post. “Call bbx name nuh. Cause me lost.” one person wrote along with a laughing emoji.

However, by all acounts, Foota Hype is talking about the picture below:

Read what Foota Hype had to say below:

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