Foota Hype Talks Sumfest Awards Issue…Weighs In On Bounty Iyara split [Video]

Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 12:04 AM GMT-5

Foota Hype who is usually online, now talks is mind on Sumfest awards and Sumfest putting him in social media category instead of a Selector category “a me a lead the thing right now.. weh unuh a book me fi select fah then” foota went on to express his feelings in a colourful manner “unuh really look stupid” Foota also explains that he would feel better if he was not in any category at all, he also states that he doesn’t need any award from sumfest, ” who more qualify fi inna that more than me?” he asks.

Next Foot weighs in on Bounty Killer and Iyara split, “bounty killer a one a the person mi rate the most inna music” Foota explains that Killa is his deejay and he will always be grateful for what Bounty has done in dancehall “Killa a di man” he stated. Foota also gives more details on his feelings on the matter “me is a ex alliance memba too”, Foota states that he told Iyara to leave Bounty Killer’s company else he wont get the big break in music.

Watch the full video below

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