Foota Hype Taunts Sizzla… Muta Says He Is Not Head Of Rasta

August 9, 2021

Popular Sound system selector, Foota Hype is again taunting Sizzla kalonji after he recently spoke out against death and beating threats that were hurled at him from Judgement Yard, based on statements he made over Rastafarians.

Foota continues to address the “Run Out Pon Dem” singer, the selector told him that he is not afraid and well connected and will not back down from the deejay.


The whole issue of Rastafarians falling short of their duties came to light based on the recent trimming of the locks of a 19-year-old girl of the faith, by a Police Officer.

Popular Radio personality Mutabaruka was not going to let things slide easy as he used his “Cutting Edge” radio platform, to speak against the issue as well as to allow others to express themselves about the matter.

In the same time frame, another video concerning Muta popped up with the title “Sizzla is not the head of Rasta” Referring to what the popular radioman was saying about the deejay in relation to Rastafari as a whole.

Foota Hype did not hesitate to take the opportunity, to call out the ” Dry Cry” artiste using the same video as he took a screenshot of the YouTube video thumbnail title, posted it on his Instagram, and then tagged the entertainer saying “Let’s see if @realmutabaruka ago get death threats and beaten promises like wah me get for speaking his mind and stating his opinion about @therealsizzlakalonji.”.

Will this post spark the fire in the Judgement Yard entertainer to send a message to the popular selector or even Muta? Or will he let it pass?. For those answers, we will have to wait and see.

See messages that Foota got from Sizzla’s fans below.



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