Foota Hype thinks Jesse Royal is not a real Rasta, Here’s Why

Foota hype went live recently and he told his fans that reggae artiste Jesse Royal is about to become his new enemy because he usually holds him in high regard, however, his latest action changed his mind.

“Dem come out as rasta” states Foota after calling out several young top rasta artistes including Chronixx, Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid.


According to the outspoken selector, the rasta artistes should not shave their hair, bore their noses nor work for the slave masters after they get popular in music.

Foota highlighted that Jesse Royal was seen in a Digicel advertisement that had Santa Claus, Foota in his strong belief outlines that the roots rasta artiste should not be in ads with Santa, “weh yuh a duh inna dah ads deh bredda” he asked.

One fan told Foota that the rasta artistes are trying to make money, this is something that Foota did not take kind to outlining that rasta should not work for money, “man dem a lose it” he states.

“Progress and interest comes first inna rasta life” says Foota before admitting not to be a rasta even though he embraces and respects many of their teachings.

“These men who seh dem a rasta do not know wat the fck they are getting into… they dont understand the purpose of rastafari” he states.

The popular Jamaican selector who is now based overseas highlighted that most of the current rasta artistes act like rasta for a easy way out in the music business.

One fan was quick to point out that Foota’s friends, the Marleys are infamous for being with white females.

Foota’s response was that having white female partners don’t mean you are not a rasta, he also went on to express disgust at fans taking aim at the Marleys whenever he speaks out about rasta people.

According to Foota the only way a rasta should be in an advertisement with a Santa Claus is if he/she is beating and burning out the Santa.

Foota asked Jesse Royal how could he do something like this, he went on to big up Bugle declaring that Bugle is one of the rastas that hold the faith.

See the advertisement that Foota is ranting about below.

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