Foota Hype Unable To Leave the US, Awaits New Court Date

May 18, 2020 7:15 PM

Foota Hype was recently released from US Custom and Immigration custody but his where about’s is being kept a secret. 

He has been staying inside in the US and he has been locked down for over 5 months. The circumstances that caused him to be arrested didn’t make sense to anyone, because he was charged for smuggling himself into the US and trying to enter the country without proper documents. Even though he had the documents that allowed him to travel.                                                       


Normally custom officers at the immigration desk would check your documents but he was confronted at the side of the ship and the police were there waiting for him.

He knows the persons who checked him didn’t find anything illegal on him, he was searched and he had nothing illegal and they didn’t check his documents and yet they took him away and put handcuffs on him before they put him in a cell. They didn’t review his passport or anything. They only kept asking him for the weed.

He now has a strong case but it still has to go through the process.  There were 3 court hearings over a month and when it was time for him to go to the final hearing there was no judge even though all his witnesses, lawyers and other relevant people were there but there was no judge. He was still locked up after that and he had to wait another 2 months before he could see another judge.

He still has a pending court date and he can’t leave. He still has no charge, he doesn’t even have a parking ticket so he was given first preference to get the ok to leave the facility.

He had no criminal offence prior to the lock up and people are dying because of Covid hence he was one of the first persons to be released from custody.

For him as a popular person in the Dancehall he thought he would get more support from persons in dancehall, but a petition that was sent out on his behalf didn’t get the support he expected.


Foota Hype told Winford Williams that he got support from the Jamrock Cruise, people on his Instagram and other persons, but some big artistes in dancehall were upset when someone who reposted the petition tagged them.

Foota believes that if it was for his industry alone he would still be in lock up.

He is now doing a documentary on his life, his career and everything.


The official wording in the charge is that he was illegally entering the US without proper documents.

Now he says Corona virus freed him, because of his chronic illness but they don’t know when the court will be held.


His diabetes is being kept in check as he is eating right and staying safe. He said he started treating his friends who were infected with Covid-19 from he was in custody, and he found out that people who eat the foods that won’t produce mucus in the body will see that it is not hard to stay healthy.

Foota Hype spoke about many herbs he knew of that was used to treat the infected people and they are now feeling better.

As one of the war mongers in Jamaican Dancehall, he is not interested in the current Dancehall wars. He believes there is always room for lyrical war and confrontation but it has to make sense. Artistes need to have the lyrics in Dancehall but the artistes are so coward, that they won’t set up a virtual clash. Dancehall is in trouble where that is concerned.

foota hype in usa lockup 2020

There are a few big songs here and there, since Mavado and Kartel have not been on the scene there has been no one who can replace them. 

The new artistes are only praising themselves, using their friends to approve of their lyrics they are not coming out and facing real critics.

He says Govana has been doing excellent, his song got 2 million views in 2 days because his music is interesting and Dexta Daps has been creative and he is maintaining his position gracefully in the music.

Dexta Daps is stimulating your brain by going against the normal way, by saying women should poison the men, it is the opposite of what was normally said in the Dancehall, where men were putting down women.

He says he saw a number of young artistes keep looking to the internet for inspiration and they don’t know about the Jamaican things that the foreigners like to hear about. The young artistes don’t know how big the Jamaican culture is.

It was really challenging for him when he was locked up because his mother passed away before he got locked up and he didn’t have her support. He believes she was by his side in spirit. 

Kerrian Townsend, his agent was the person who was doing everything for him. Speaking to his children helped him a lot, he cried when he wasn’t able to hear from his son and that was devastating.

It was hard for him to be in jail in a strange place with no one around to talk to. He was advised not to do voluntary deportation at one time and lose out on winning his case. Now he is positive that he has a good case, and everything happened because it is a part of his journey as sometimes the Almighty is working in ways you cannot see.

As long as there is dancehall he has to live, as he will always work in dancehall. He still has Virtual Galis Wednesday every Wednesday night at 7 pm. Foota is looking forward to his problems sorted out so he can start working again.


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