Foota Hype unfollows Shenseea and Explains liking Homosexual picture by Mistake – Video

Sunday, February 7, 2021, 9:12 AM

Dancehaller Foota Hype is not happy with what his fellow dancehall stars post on Instagram, in particular, he explained that Macka posted an image of a homosexual and he liked the picture not knowing that the pic he liked was a man and not a woman as he first thought.

According to Foota he did not take the time out to review the picture that he liked for he thought it was a female’s picture that he was liking, he explained that several fans messaged him about the picture which lead to him unliking the picture.


The St. Andrew DJ also did a live chat with Macka Diamond whereby he bashed her for posting the picture however Macka’s reply was that she does not discriminate against gays because they support her music and book her for shows and pay her well.

“a fuckry that dogg” Foota outlines that he don’t want to see certain content on his page, he also bashed Spice for posting gays on her page, “mi feel a way” he said.

Watch the entire live chat below.

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