Foota Hype’s IG Page Got DELETED… Says Spice Did It – Video

Amid the ongoing saga between Spice and Foota Hype, Foota suddenly lose his Instagram page hours after being warned by Spice to remove a post about her from his page. While on a live chat, yesterday, Spice was asked about Foota Hype’s remarks with regards to her and her response was that Foota should remove the post from Instagram within the next 24 hours. At the moment, Spice appeared serious about her speech, however, it was unclear what she would have done if he doesn’t remove the post, “Mi a give him 24 hours,” Spice outlined.

A day later, Foota Hype’s Instagram page has disappeared and according to Foota, it was “Spice and har friend them” who pulled off the endeavour. Foota Hype went live a few hours ago to detail the fact that he is in New York for a show and will be using a different page until investigations are done with regards to his original page.


Hype, being his usual self, made sure to continue his slander of gay people and outlined that they can’t get him down and he has never worked for a gay person, contrary to what Spice had to say about him working for gays. “Nuh batty man nuh mek mi cloths,” says Foota Hype while defending himself from his critics.

Watch his live chat below.


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