Footage of Father Who Shot and Killed Son in St. Andrew – Video

April 14, 2021 10:18 AM

After the bizarre news broke a day ago, Jamaicans have been wondering what could have lead to such a gruesome act. It’s said the father is yet to be charged even though he is in the custody of the police and is claiming self defence.

The 64 year father reportedly had an altercation with an employee, the son stopped the incident and blamed his father for acting wrongfully. As seen in the video footage released, the father went to his vehicle seemingly For a gun that he later used to shot his son after kicking him, the father also kicked his son again after he was shot and laying on the ground.


The father then got into his SUV and ordered the workers to open the gate, he then drove away from the business place attempting to run his son over who was laying on the ground shot and wounded. The younger Knight, was then rushed to the hospital but could not be saved, and was pronounced dead.

An Incident of this nature would be referred to as filicide since it involved a parent killing a child, Dead is Ruel Knight.

Watch the estrange video below.


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