Footage of King Von Fighting and being shot Fatally – Video

As reported earlier the 26-year-old Chicago rapper was involved in a parking lot fight that took place between two separate gangs. Now video evidence has surfaced showing more details of what took place.

At the beginning of one of the two viral CCTV videos, we can see a group of men beaten on a single person after which in another video we saw King Von punching a man moments before getting shot.

See footage below of the second video showing King Von throwing punches and getting shot.

Reports are that about 3am Friday morning young rapper King Von and company were leaving a location in Atlanta when a fight developed followed by gunshots being fired shortly after.

Two persons have been killed while five others were injured as a result of the incident. One more person was said to be hit and badly injured by a vehicle that the police is still searching for.

The clash of the two groups happened in the parking lot of the Monaco Hookah Lounge. Two off duty cops were present at the scene and reportedly fired shots while trying to stop the uproar.

Further reports stated that the off duty cops were not injured during the incident.

Reports earlier suggested that the Chiraq rapper was recovering however several major news outlets have since confirmed his passing.

26-year-old King Von is currently one of the fastest-growing rappers if not the fasting growing rapper from out of Chicago, known for his grimy street lyrics.

His friends have since confirmed the death of the artiste “you’ll neva see another nxgga like Von” one of his friends stated.

Moments ago hip-hop social media personality and friend of King Von DJ Akademiks tweeted: “It’s with great sadness that I have to confirm that King Von has passed away”, Akademiks actually posted an interview with King Von a day before his death on youtube, see the interview below.

DJ Akademiks also confirmed that King Von’s manager was hit in the shooting however he survived and is currently in the hospital.

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