Footage of Security Officers Being Shot In Portmore Robbery – Watch Video

In what was described as a brawling daylight shooting in Portmore, St. Catherine, on Monday, the horrifying video of the security officers being shot has been released to the public. It has since been reported that the motive for the attack was a robbery. According to reports, the men made off with ten million dollars.

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The short video that was posted on Twitter shows two angles where different cameras were positioned. The right clip depicts a male and female security guard approaching an ABM, both carrying bags. Explosions are then heard. The guards were then seen on the ground shortly after the explosions.

Following the explosions, multiple gunmen can be seen following behind to acquire the bags the guards were carrying and then running back the way they came.

In contrast, the video to the left gives the viewers a different perspective on what transpired after a gunman ran out of view of the previous camera. The woman can be seen making an attempt to run to safety but stumbling to the ground. She grabs her firearm and fires two rounds, but she is then shot multiple times, and she falls to the ground, lying face down.

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