FOOTAGE: People Rescue 2 Men after Spanish Town Road Truck Accident – Video

Saturday, December 26, 2020, 11:13 PM GMT-5

This accident reportedly took place today December 26th along Spanish Town Road in Kingston. In the 10 minutes long video we see several people trying their best to rescue a man trapped under the dirt load that the truck was carrying.

“A wolleep a death dem road yah tek a year time enuh” says the lady filming the aftermath, “we a life saver round here” she continued.

Luckily no lives were lost however one person seems to have escaped with minor injuries while another man who was said to be in the truck received more severe injuries however not life-threatening.

The police appeared on the scene and took the 2 injured men to the hospital.

Upon examination of the truck, it was concluded that the Truck had a mechanical fault which led to the accident.

Watch the captured footage below.

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