FOOTAGE: Shoot-out in Portmore Between Security Guards and Gunmen – Watch Video

A shoot-out between gunmen and security guards ensued in Portmore, St. Catherine earlier today at the Portmore Pines Plaza.

According to reports, the gunmen ambushed a security guard team, Berrylium security, who was stationed at the ATM (automated teller machine) belonging to Scotiabank.

Retaliating to the onslaught, a video that is currently circulating on the internet shows the security team and the gunmen engaged in a standoff and exchanging bullets.

The video was shot from a building across from the plaza and showed men running and taking cover behind cars as bullets ricocheted after being fired. Car alarms were blaring as a car peeled out of the parking lot and a man in a white shirt ran off in the opposite direction.

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It is uncertain how many injuries, or if any fatalities were recorded, however, a picture of a man who seems to be a member of the security team lying face down on the ground was captured.

More details to come as the story develops.

Watch the video of the shoot-out below:

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