Footage Shows 2 People Being Killed by Lightning Strike on Beach in Mexico – Watch Video

Two people have been killed by a freak lightning strike at a beach in Michoacan, Mexico when a day of enjoying the outdoors quickly turned into a nightmare.

According to the municipal authorities in the area, the two people were identified as a male hammock peddler from Colima and a female tourist. The incident was recorded by someone on the scene.


Footage shows dark skies which seemed to represent an oncoming storm and people were seen clamoring to leave the beach. As this went on, a bolt of thunderous lightning suddenly struck, hitting someone in the distance who fell to the sand.

Without stopping the lightning seemed to climb up the sand to find its next victim. Screams rose into the air as other civilians scampered to get to safety.

The woman who was struck was reported to have died on the scene while the hammock seller was rushed to the hospital but also later died while being treated.

Watch the video below:


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