Moving Car Gets Hit By Lightning With People Inside – Watch Video

In a post by the Daily Loud on Twitter, an event that can only be described as a “freak accident” involved a car full of people being on the wrong end of a lightning bolt. The video might have been of poor quality, but the events that took place were very clear.

As explained by an article posted by the National Geographic website, lightning is formed when negatively charged particles, called electrons, in the lower end of a cloud are attracted by the positive charges of protons in the ground or other clouds.


The people in the vehicle seemed to just have been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The video shows two lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction when suddenly a sedan-model vehicle gets struck by a lightning bolt. The driver managed to stop the vehicle, and the occupants started to evacuate; however, it is unclear if there have been any injuries/fatalities as a result of the car being hit.

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Persons who were in the area spared no time rushing to the aid of the people toward the end of the video, helping them out of the vehicle and checking to see their condition.

Watch the video of car being hit:

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