WATCH: Footage Shows Brazen Robbery in Cross Roads

A video has surfaced of a store being robbed in Cross Roads, St Andrew. 

As per the time stamp on the video, the brazen theft occurred shortly before 10:00 a.m. on February 2, when multiple people were inside the store.


The surveillance footage that captured the incident shows two perpetrators involved in the robbery, one of whom visibly had a firearm.

The video begins with a small group of people standing at a glass counter where the store clerk stands.

The first thief, wearing a white shirt and hat, reaches across the counter and grabs the shirt of the store clerk.

His accomplice, wearing a grey shirt and hat, becomes visible as he approaches and brandishes his handgun.

Following this, he ‘holds up’ the other people in the store while the first thief climbs over the counter, opens a bag, and proceeds to fill it with items, including mobile phones.

Watch the video of the robbery below:

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