Goat Theif Captured in Clarendon – Watch Video

January 23, 2024 10:21 AM

As per reports, on January 22, a man was caught trying to steal goats in a white Toyota Axio in Four Paths, Clarendon.

The perpetrator was reportedly captured by residents on Monday morning and handed over to the police after they arrived at the scene.


Footage of the suspect detained in the police service vehicle has surfaced online, showing a civilian inquiring about the location of his goat, which was presumed to have been stolen by the suspect.

Based on the information in the video, there was seemingly more than one suspect involved, one of whom fled the scene by running away from the vehicle. Three goats were discovered inside the abandoned car, along with a phone.

One goat was spotted hidden underneath the rare seat in the vehicle, and two others were seen in the trunk.

Watch the video of the goat thief below:

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