Footage Shows Contraband Allegedly Smuggled in Police Station by Pregnant Girlfriend of Alleged Hitman in Lock-Up – Videos

Corina Clark, the pregnant girlfriend of accused hitman Ojo Russell, has been charged after allegedly attempting to smuggle contraband to her partner in lock-up.

Russell is currently in custody at the Constant Spring Police Station allegedly for the murder of paralegal Sandra Risden in January. Clark visited the police station to bring Russell food, but the young mother allegedly used the visit to sneak in contraband.

In a video shared by the police, an officer can be seen emptying a container of food into another container.

After pouring out the food, the officer proceeds to examine the container itself and discovers that it is comprised of two separate containers, with one concealing contraband taped to the bottom.

Among the items allegedly smuggled into the station by Clark were two cellphones, a lighter, a pack of cigarette rolling papers, and what appeared to be marijuana along with pieces of tobacco leaves.

In a separate video, Clark, who had her son with her at the station, can be heard being criticised by the officers present for attempting to smuggle the items.

She was further judged for previously going to the media and proclaiming that her partner was being falsely accused.

In a recent interview with TVJ News, Clark said Russell was with her at the time of the alleged murder. She also criticised the police for refusing to give her information regarding Russell’s arrest.

Watch the video below.

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