Footage Shows Crazy Accident Along Jamaica Highway – Watch Video

“A light’ning that,” stated a woman, as another said “wow” while watching a Mercedez Benz SUV pass the car they were travelling in along the highway(highway 2000). Moments later it crashed while trying to manoeuvre a corner at high speed.

“Him gone ova deh enuh!” a male shouts after seeing signs of the accident.

Dashcam footage showing the incident did not show the moment the vehicle went off-road, however, it shows the moment the vehicle ‘flew’ past and the aftermath right after the accident which shows fragments from the vehicle scattered along the road and the road barrier damaged.

It’s unclear what was the extent of injury inflicted as a result of the accident, the damaged vehicle was also not shown, however, the vehicle’s horn can be heard as proof of what seemingly was a major accident.

In reaction to the bizarre footage, one person commented online, “High performance vehicle; low performance driver. So typical 🤦🏾‍♂️,” another stated, “Love to see that others stopped hope they helped him.”

It’s unclear when the accident took place.

Check out the footage which is now making rounds online.

See more reactions below:

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