Footage Shows Security Guard Fatally Shooting Shoplifter After a Fight – Watch Video

Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 5:53 PM GMT-5

Footage has surfaced of the moment when a Walgreens security guard in San Francisco, United States, fatally shot a shoplifter.

The security guard, identified as Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, was not charged, and the videotape was released by Brooke Jenkins, San Francisco District Attorney (D.A), to show the public why he was not being charged for acting in self-defence.

In the videotape, Anthony is first seen obstructing the store exit as Brown attempts to leave with a bag of reportedly stolen items. Brown shoves the security multiple times, who in turn pushes him off, and the pushes quickly turn into punches.

Anthony punches Brown multiple times, and he falls to the ground. When Brown gets to his feet, Anthony puts him in a chokehold. While Brown struggles to be free, Anthony wrestles him to the ground, and after lying for some time, Brown is released.

However, as soon as Brown gets to his feet, he grabs the bag and starts toward the door. Before exiting, Brown quickly spins to face Anthony with one hand up, seemingly ready to do something. Anthony, who withdrew his gun, took the shot and reportedly killed Brown. The video ends after the security guard goes outside to check on the shoplifter, who was lying on the curb.

When the security guard spoke to the police about the incident that occurred on April 27, he explained that he instructed Brown to return the items, but he became aggressive. Anthony also told the police that Brown threatened to stab him, but it was revealed that Brown did not have a knife.

While D.A. Jenkins believed Anthony acted in self-defence and released the footage with police reports and witness accounts to prove that her decision was the right one, Shamann Walton, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, referred to Brown’s execution and questioned whether there was any real threat.

Watch the video of the incident HERE: WATCH VIDEO

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