Footage Shows the Moment Helicopter with Tourists Crashes into Building in Colombia – Video

Footage captured by a bystander captured the moment a helicopter carrying six people crashed below onto the roof of a building in Colombia.

According to reports, the incident happened during a tourist excursion in Medellín, Colombia. The helicopter’s engine is said to have come to a total halt after first slowing down.

In the video, the aircraft can be seen slowly spinning in the sky above a street of buildings and then crashing onto a roof, then into a telephone pole beside the roof of the building. Luckily, the crash did not result in any fatalities, nor were the passengers injured.

In another video taken from inside the helicopter, one of the tourists is reportedly heard informing their father that they were in a crash and promising that they were going to make it.

“I’m going to live through this, Dad, I just want to say I love you. I’m stuck in a telephone pole,” the tourist stated.

A male passenger can be seen in a separate video clip climbing from the crashed helicopter hung from the roof of a building, wedged between the building and the telephone pole.

Subsequent photos taken from the scene show first responders helping to dismantle and remove the aircraft. What caused the crash on Tuesday has not yet been discovered, but the incident is currently being investigated.

View photos from the crash site below.

Image – X/@DAGRDMedellin
Image – X/@DAGRDMedellin
Image – X/@DAGRDMedellin

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