Footage Shows Woman Stealing Another Woman’s Purse in a Spanish Town Wholesale

Two videos of an unfortunate incident at a wholesale in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, have surfaced online, showing a female customer stealing another woman’s purse inside Ginger Wholesale.

The two videos show different angles of the April 5th incident that occurred at around 10:18 a.m. The first video begins by showing multiple people gathered inside the wholesale, most of whom are at the counter.


Among the customers at the counter is a woman with tall, braided hair who has a big bag. Another woman can be seen closer to the entrance, where she stands putting on a mask before approaching the counter.

Woman Steals Another Womans Purse in A Spanish Town Wholesale Watch Video 1

The masked woman positions herself near the woman with the bag and appears to reach inside it while leaning over the counter.

The suspect eventually moves aside when another customer pushes through to collect her items from the sales clerk, which is shown clearly in the second video. She eventually exits the wholesale with the hidden purse while the victim searches her bag.

The video was posted on Sunday by thepinkwalljmg on Instagram. “The Jamaican police are looking for a woman who removed a woman’s purse at Ginger Wholesale on Spanish Town Road last weekend,” apart of the note said.

Woman Steals Another Womans Purse in A Spanish Town Wholesale Watch Video

Watch the videos of the incident below:

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