Footage Shows Youtuber Falling from Sky: Breaking His Neck, Back, Pelvis and Arm – Watch Video

Footage now circulating online shows YouTuber Anthony Vella flying above the Enchanted Rock State Park in Arizona via a motorized paraglider, he was having a good time until all-hell-broke-loose. The footage reveals Vella’s heart-stopping fall from 85 feet, leaving him with severe injuries including a broken neck, back, arm, and pelvis.

After plummeting to the ground at a speed of around 50 mph, Writhing in agony, Vella desperately calls out for help, utilizing his phone’s voice assistant to contact emergency services.


The cause of the crash was attributed to a missed tension knot in Vella’s paraglider during a pre-flight check, leading to the aircraft’s collapse mid-air. Watch the crash below:

Witnesses rush to his aid, summoning medical assistance and informing Vella’s wife, Leandra, of the dire situation. Following the crash, Vella was swiftly transported to the hospital where medical professionals diagnosed him with multiple fractures requiring surgical intervention.


Despite the terrifying ordeal, Vella remains resolute, expressing gratitude for the outpouring of support from his followers and pledging to embark on a journey of recovery. Vella’s wife, in a heartfelt message on YouTube, expressed profound appreciation for the overwhelming support received from well-wishers, conveying Vella’s eagerness to regain his strength and resume his adventurous pursuits.

Known for his daring exploits, Vella frequently shares his adrenaline-fueled adventures with his loyal online following, documenting his paragliding escapades among other high-risk activities. Despite the traumatic incident, Vella maintains his passion for adventure sports, refraining from assigning blame to the sport itself.

The video of the crash was uploaded to YouTube on April 27, 2024.

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