Footage Surfaces of Student Getting “Box” and Bullied at Oberlin High School, Mother Calls for Help – Watch Video

Friday, October 14, 2022, 8:08 AM

The distressed mother of a male student that attends Oberlin High School, located in Rural St. Andrew, expresses her deep pain and sorrow at witnessing her son being abused at the institution that she sent him to in confidence that he would be taken care of.

Her pain-laced voice remarked, “when I downloaded the video and mi see, the abuse and the assault and di level of strength, I was like really? This is not my son.” She conveyed that the video made her extremely angry because she was viewing her child being hurt, and the helplessness that came with being unable to help was almost unbearable.


The video with the students has been circulating on the internet via various social media platforms.

In the footage, the victim of the bullying is seated in a chair with a bag on the desk. He was surrounded by two other boys (suspected to be his classmates) partially obscuring him from view. The boys appeared to say something to him, and receiving an unfavourable answer, one of the boys raised his arm high, and slapped him across the face.

This was subsequently followed by multiple slaps from the two boys as the student raised his arms in a protective gesture over his head. One of the bullies laughed and walked away, leaving the first boy to stand there with his palm open as if waiting to be handed something.

At the end of the recording, a girl shows up and pulls the remaining boy by the shoulder before it cuts out.

The video was posted on the Twitter page for NationwideRadio (with over 19.8K views) and someone commented, “the things is i see alot of persons in the comment acting like this is all new, I can remember as far back as 10 years again or more when I was in high school I watch as a young man got a block dropped on his head. this is not new it just has more eyes now because of social media.”

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