Mother Of Tivoli High School Student Defends Her Child For The Assault On Female Teacher

Friday, June 10, 2022, 12:13 PM

Debraly Coleman, 56, mother of the Tivoli High School male student whose video went viral for a violent fight that ensued with a female teacher in the classroom has since shared her views on the incident.

In an interview with the Jamaica Star, Coleman who sells at the Coronation Market in Downtown, Kingston expressed that her son’s actions in the classroom are not a true reflection of how he was raised. She alluded that the contents shown in the video would also indicate that her son was provoked, which caused him to retaliate in such an unacceptable manner.


In further detail, she shared that her son who has since been charged with assault and malicious destruction of property was first attacked by the teacher after he went to the class to buy sweets from a female student. She stated that the teacher instigated the fight by throwing a bag in his face and slapping him.

She then went on to say that the Government declared that no child should be beaten, therefore, the teacher should have diffused the situation by summoning school administrators or security personnel instead of actively participating in the fight.

Coleman added that her son is not a bad child, however, at the age of 16, it is inconceivable to not believe that a child that age would not retaliate how he did.

Despite this, Coleman proclaims that her son loves school and is remorseful about his actions. She stated that he shared that he would love the opportunity to go back into the classroom to continue his studies. She also mentioned that she feels embarrassed about the incident and has had sleepless nights since. She also shared that she fears he will be sent to a Juvenile Detention Centre.

The teenager is scheduled to appear in court on June 21, 2022, to answer the charges.

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