Former Prostitute ‘Candy’ Takes Aim at Fellow IG Star Mackerel

Candy recently stopped selling her body and she says she managed to shake ‘Mackerel’ out of her tin, and she is ready to take over the world.

“Mi rub out her career”, the 28-year-old said. She tek people man, but mi keep my man, mi a talented girl.
Candy, whose given name is Kerisha Brown has 22,000 followers on Instagram since a video of her dancing to a Vybz Kartel song went viral.

This is not the first time she got a lot of attention she likes putting smiles on people’s faces. A video was posted of her at a dance performing fellatio on a bottle and it also got a lot of attention.

Candy has had a rough life as she was an unruly teenager and now has an eight-year-old daughter and left her father as he was abusive in her opinion. She had life hard as she had no job and she was pregnant when she left him.
Her mother takes care of her daughter now and she has introduced to the prostitution business approximately a year ago.

However, she has no plan to continue being a prostitute as her life is in danger. She has been robbed many times and she was stabbed and badly hurt.

Candy will be featured on Entertainment Report This Weekend, Candy can be seen making fun of fellow Instagram Star Mackerel, comparing her to a can of Mackerel.

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This is mackerel… 👀

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She is now living with a client, as she went home with him and never left.

Candy plans on capitalizing on her new-found popularity, she has a management team “Kido Stealth Street Management.”
Her Manager Kido said Wisynco is now interested in doing a promotion with Candy, they saw the video she made for “Wata with Wow”. She is also getting a lot of bookings these days.

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