Freelance Chucky Died

Jamaican Youtuber Freelance Chucky who hails from the parish of Portland passed away as a result of a bike accident, per reports. Freelance Chucky is best known for his primitive and rasta-like way of life, often lashing out at the “Babylon” system in his videos.

Those who watch his videos or the videos he’s featured in knows that he loves his bike and his dogs very much. Chucky is known to host tourists who visit the island for a rural experience at his AirBnb, similar to Ras Mokko formerly of Ras Kitchen.


Notably, an associate of Freelance Chucky named Ras Anthony who makes videos of himself doing spear-fishing and also videos showing the rural life in Jamaica on the North Coast also recently passed away, however, Anthony died from a gun attack.

At the moment, details are limited surrounding Chucky’s death.

Check out recent videos from Chucky and also his associate Simon who also confirmed the death.

Fellow Jamaican Youtuber Sunrise Boss also shared a video about Chucky’s passing.

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