Friends Of Flat Bridge Victim ‘Shocked’ At Her Actions

Friends and associates of Ava Thelwell, the woman who drove off in the Rio Cobre River, have come out to speak about the heartbreaking situation that has now driven them into much sadness. A friend of the 49-year-old old mother of two, who spoke to the Jamaica Observer said that Thelwell is someone they knew since being a child as they used to attend the Saxthorpe Methodist Church together.

Ava Thelwell and her two sons

According to the friend, Ava’s passing has left them in much shock as what happened was not expected as Thelwell was a beautiful person that would always be seen smiling.

Another friend of hers, posted their condolences on Facebook while showing a picture of Thelwell smiling, and then went on to describe her as beautiful and sophisticated. The person also expressed how they wished Ava would have reached out to someone about what she was going through.

On Instagram, people also posted about the deceased woman, talking about the silent battles being fought on the inside, while encouraging social media users to reach out and check on their family members to ensure they are good.

According to a Wellness advisor who is also on Instagram; Thelwell always watched her live videos as well as repost things concerning mental health, and self-care so the sad news also came as a shocker to them.

Reports stated that the woman was seen around the Flat Bridge area about 10:00 am in a Suzuki Grand Vitara, on the day that the alleged suicide occurred and by 2:00 pm, she was reported to have driven off in the Rio Cobre.

Check out the viral footage below.

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