From Homosexuality to Christianity and Becoming Ordained Minister Soon

Sheena Hanson, a former lesbian who was once considered to be the one to look up to in the queer circles, became a Christian and now she is close to becoming ordained as a minister of religion, the date is set for next Wednesday, she will be ordained at the Lighthouse Assembly Church of God, which is found in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

Sheena is saying it is unbelievable because she was a well-known Queen among the queer, but giving her life to the Lord three years ago was the best thing she ever did. The 29-year-old says only God could cause the amazing thing to happen. She doesn’t believe anyone could tell that she would one day become a Minister.


Hanson even revealed that she was involved in a lesbian relationship for many years before she found God.

She said, she was well-known, as she was exposed to this lifestyle at a very young age and when she went to an all-girls high school things got more intense. She was in a six-year relationship with her first love. They were living together, and did everything just as any normal couple. At one time they were engaged to be married.

However, she is saved now. And doing what the Lord has called her to do, just trying to stay rooted and grounded. Even though people think that as soon as people change their life the urges go away; and It’s not like that, she said, she had that struggle, but she chose to live her life as a Christian and that is why she did not turn back.

She claimed to have experienced several heartbreaks with men, and she said she experienced molestation from two male relatives as a child.

Found Herself Crying

Sheena said she went to the same church she is attending now and sat at the back, in her party clothes with a spliff


When the pastor started singing, she just found herself crying. Even though she doesn’t remember what the pastor said, she had to cry throughout the whole service. She decided to go back to church after that and her appetite started changing from the secular world. She didn’t want to go to parties anymore and she was slowly changing, but she was still having sex with women initially.

She was criticised by some of her friends because of her choice, but she believes her decision paid dividends. It has helped with the mending of bonds with her parents. This has caused her to be determined to stay on the heavenly path.

Sheena has even told the Lord that she will go celibate until she is married, since she got baptized. She is now single, but she is open to having a family one day. 



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