‘Fyah Mac’ Looks to Create a Buzz in Dancehall from Florida

Thursday, January 14, 2021, 8:59 PM

Recently Yardhype linked up with the artiste Fyah Mac to get to know the deeper aspects of his identity, fans would be enthused to know.

Mac was born in Florida and stated that he always loved music, so it is something he preoccupied himself with since childhood.


At this point, the 31-year-old who will turn 32 on February 1st, does dancehall, Hip hop, pure dance music that tells a truthful story.

When asked about his favourite verse from his songs, Jmac stated that he does not have any as yet however his songs do contain those he loves.

In terms of dancehall artiste who has proven to be inspirational to him Fyah Mac stated that it would range from Alkaline, Teejay, World Boss, Squash, Daddy 1, Bobby six, Chronic Law while for Reggae his preferred artistes are Beres, Buju, Sanchez, Bob Marley, Sizzla and Garnett Silk.

The entertainer also told Yadhype that all of the mentioned artistes has inspired him and has allowed him to take something creatively from them to build his style.

The overseas-based Reggae Dancehall artiste who is currently in the studio working on some hard-hitting songs says, things like family, Ganja and good music is what keeps him grounded.

Seeing that the Jamaican culture plays a very important role in his music life, the Florida based artiste was asked about the things he liked most of all about the country for which he responded that the music, food, strength and vibes were some of the most enjoyable elements in his opinion.

When asked about his music team Fyah Mac, stated that he currently works alone and within the next three years once he is on earth he has a steady plan to grind hard, run his business and build his empire.

While some artistes prefer freestyling over writing lyrics, Fyah Mac stated that if he does freestyle and it sounds good, he keeps it, but at the same time, he loves to write music for himself and others.

When asked about his opinion on the current state of Dancehall and Reggae Music he stated that “Reggae come like it dry up, all of the new artist dem more into the dancehall turn up vibes. A big up man like Chronixx, man like Busy, and the whole of the artist that keep the Reggae music alive and respect to all of the legends that start Reggae”.

Fyah Mac can be found on Instagram @Powerupjmac.

Check out his latest post below.

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