Gabriel King’s Mother, Amoi Leon-Issa, Now Facing Possible Arrest

After a second chance was given to Amoi Leon-Issa, Mother of the deceased Gabriel King, to give the authorities access to her phone, Leon-Issa missed the deadline for the second time.

On Thursday, January 13, 2022, Gabriel king was found dead in the back of his mother’s car with his throat slashed in the parish of St. James. What was at first reported as a simple carjacking with the child still in the car, turned into a nightmare when the lawmen dispatched to search for the perpetrators, they found the car abandoned not too far from where the theft took place, the nine-year-old child already dead.

The bizarre incident circulated among the masses who put pressure on the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to catch all responsible parties. However, since the start of the investigation, the police have indicated that they have been met with a multitude of hindrances, one of which included the lack of cooperation from the autistic child’s mother to have her phone searched.

The court was called to order on Friday, November 25 to attain approval to enforce the ruling to gain access to Leon-Issa’s phone, and it was granted, which now makes her liable for arrest upon refusal to give access to the cell phone. Members of the JCF relayed to the Observer Online that Leon-Issa’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but they will attempt to track her down in order to enforce the above.

Previously, Chuckwuemeka Cameron, Leon-Issa’s attorney, noted that his client wished to appeal the decision to grant the authorities access to her phone. Yesterday, the head of Police Area One, Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers stated, “what we will be doing now is to make contact with her and to follow through with the orders of the court. At this point… she can be arrested for breaching the court order.”