Gabriel King’s Murder Investigation Continues Following Successful Access To Mother’s Telephone

November 2, 2023

The murder investigation of 9-year-old Gabriel King is currently underway following the successful access to his mother, Amoi Leon-Issa’s telephone.

Investigators assigned to probe the January 13, 2022 death of King reported that the telephone access code that was ordered by the Supreme Court from his mother has worked and they are now analyzing the data which will aid in the investigation.


Leon-Issa had been reluctant to provide the police with access to the phone, claiming that it would be a breach of her right to privacy. However, this was dismissed by the Court on Friday, September 29, stating that the benefits gained from granting the production order “far outweigh the breach of privacy of the claimant.”

She was then ordered to give the police access to the phone by 4 p.m. that day.

King’s lifeless body was found in the back of his mother’s SUV with his throat slashed in Fairfield, St. James. According to his mother, they were ambushed by two men while driving and she was dragged from the vehicle while they left with her son.

Watch the video update provided by Television Jamaica below:

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